Sino-Ocean Group’s Phase V Development Strategy



the creator of healthy building and social value


a comprehensive industrial corporation focusing on real estate investment and development as the main business while actively developing related new businesses.


Focus on property development as the main business and achieve scale growth with high quality;Aim at future-oriented operation and focus on key capacity building;Work with stakeholders to achieve sustainable value creation;

During the period of the fourth-stage development, Sino-Ocean Group successfully realized the growth of the agreed sales volume, joining the RMB 100-billion sales club in the real estate industry,and made remarkable achievements in business development, regional layout, governance structure and sustainable development.In the face of industry consolidation and increasing competition, Sino-Ocean has actively formulated and implemented the fifth-stage development strategy, focuses on the development of the main business, systematically develops the key capabilities of property development and operation, industrial cooperation, and customer service. It also actively conforms to the trend of the times of "high-quality development" and strives to become the industry leader in providing “products and services for urban living and working space" so as to create a social value that is healthy and sustainable.

Previous phase development strategies

Phase I development strategy (2002-2004)

The first step in Sino-Ocean's evolution was to define the company's strategic development target and business portfolio and identify the positioning and goals of the development and operation sectors. By decisively seizing the market opportunity, the company initially set the development sector as its main business and gradually cultivated real estate management capabilities, achieving the established goal of becoming a leading competitive real estate enterprise and comprehensively improving management.

Phase II development strategy (2005-2009)

After the first strategic goal was reached ahead of time, Sino-Ocean Group launched its second five-year development plan in due course. Based on positive judgments on the industry and the market, the company aimed to maintain its fast growth and become an industry leader in Beijing's real estate market within five years. At the end of the second strategic plan, the company successfully achieved cross-regional development, capital socialization and corporate listing, ranking among leading real estate enterprises in Beijing and second-tier nationwide, greatly surpassing all growth expectations. Based on the data, the assets and business scale of Sino-Ocean Real Estate maintained high-speed growth during the second stage of its development strategy, which exceeded the target set for 2004.

Phase III development strategy (2010-2014)

Faced with a multitude of challenges including profound changes in the real estate market, a competitive environment, and increasingly complicated business operations after following its public listing, Sino-Ocean Group initiated the third stage of the development strategy. The goal was to stabilize the development in first-tier cities and penetrate into second- and third-tier ones, facilitate property development and property investment concurrently, and promote the development of real estate finance, in order to become China's leading enterprise in real estate finance through industrial-based development and proactive expansion.

Phase IV development strategy (2015-2020)

In 2014, China's real estate market was at a critical turning point. The era of an extensive and highly profitable real estate market had come to an end. The market layout gradually shifted from a seller's market to a buyer's market. In reaction to this, Sino-Ocean Group promptly formulated and implemented a fourth-stage development strategy, transforming its strategic perspective and building a customized and diversified business structure that adapts to the future industry competition, so as to pursue quality, sustainable and steady development.

Phase I development strategy
Phase II development strategy
Phase III development strategy
Phase IV development strategy