Medium and Long-term Planning


In recent years, the sustainability work of Sino-Ocean Group is at a key point in the transition from compliance to strategy-driven:

1、After many years of brand exploration and foundation building, the initial efforts of our sustainability work have yielded some encouraging results, and entered an important phase of consolidation and improvement.

2、In response to internal and external needs, sustainability has transformed from a pure brand-driven to a brand-compliance-driven, and moved towards strategy -driven. Based on this phase of development, Sino-Ocean Group formulated and reviewed the medium-term plan for sustainability and the objectives reached.



OBJECTIVE:Aiming at the brand promotion, disclosing certain qualitative information, and focusing on highlight case collection.

MANAGEMENT SYSTEM:Establishing and operating a foundation as a brand module tool, and introducing CASS ratings.

CAPITAL MARKET:Focusing on report quality and publicity, and not yet focused on capital market.



OBJECTIVE:Aiming at meeting the compliance disclosure KPIs of the HKEX-ESG, and commencing to disclose environmental data.

MANAGEMENT SYSTEM:Establishing a primary management system and introducing to Seagull II system management.

CAPITAL MARKET:Obtaining a certain degree of recognition and commencing to actively analyze the current capital market's concerns/ demands for the sustainability of property companies.



OBJECTIVE:Setting strategic objectives for our sustainability to disclose information with strategic objective-oriented.

MANAGEMENT SYSTEM:Establishing and operating the ESG management system to improve relevant policies and functions.

CAPITAL MARKET:Determining the objective of capital market improvement and actively responding to capital evaluations such as HSSUSB, GRESB and MSCI.



OBJECTIVE:Striving for business growth by strategic objectives, making sustainability information disclosure beyond the report itself, and improving the quality to an international standard.

MANAGEMENT SYSTEM:Establishing and improving the special teams for ESG management system and objectives, and incorporating them into risk assessment and management.

CAPITAL MARKET:Continuing to enhance the position of the capital market and participating in more industry activities based on improvement suggestions.



Sustainability strategic objectives of Sino-Ocean Group are based on the Group's strategic objectives and in line with its applicable Chinese and international sustainability objectives. Ensuring the Group's profitability, social common development and environmental maintenance allow us to achieve the sustainability of the overall operation of the Group.


The Group works with stakeholders to promote the healthy and sustainability of people, buildings, environment and society. On a path to realize our value, we expect to grow and create value with stakeholders who share the same ideals.


Human rights include the right to life and freedom, the right to freedom from slavery and torture, the right to freedom of opinion and expression, the right to work and education, and other more rights. Human rights are irrespective of race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion or any other status.


We protect all groups related to the activities and businesses of the Group, such as employees, customers and community residents.


We protect the rights and interests of employees, insist on equal employment, non-discrimination and no child labor. We provide fair and favorable working conditions, carry out democratic management, protect employees' right to freedom of opinion and expression, and freedom of association. We also promote the employee health and caring, and strive to improve employees' well-being.


We adhere to the humanized design on products, and are committed to boosting the implementation of "Building·Health" in future residential and commercial property construction, allowing customers to enjoy community life in a healthy atmosphere. We also build barrier free channels to protect the disabled employees' rights to enjoy a barrier free environment.


We respect the rights of indigenous people during development, and promote social charitable activities through continuous supports in the construction of local cities, rural health and environmental protection by the "Building • Health" charitable schemes. We continue to support the students' equal development and the right to a fair education by the "Little Partner Education Sponsorship Scheme", the "Young Citizen Innovative Public Welfare Project" and the "Students-in-action Incentive Scheme". We also promote the "China Healthy Spine Program" to care for the elderly's health and other benefits.


In the long run, we will target at the economic, social, cultural rights of the entity's citizens, as well as the basic principles and rights at work, and focus on more transparent, clear and fair publicity and appeal methods to prevent employees and related entities from infringing on the human rights of others under the premise of ensuring their own human rights, and protect the right to freedom from slavery and torture, the right to freedom of opinion and expression. Moreover, Sino-Ocean Group is committed to achieving "zero infringement", and attaches greater importance to the protection of human rights.


Sino-Ocean Group is committed to establishing a fair career development platform for staff in terms of labor practice, and strives to promote a harmonious atmosphere in the workplace and protect staffs' occupational safety and rights.


We provide staff with an equal working environment, rich and diverse training, and broad career development and platforms.


We focus on the physical and mental health of employees, set up a care fund to help employees in difficulties, care for special groups, and enrich the life of staffs during leisure time.


We develop a mature, complete and distinctive compensation and benefits system, and implement it through a humanized management concept. We provide staffs with market-competitive compensation, and humanized work and health conditions to ensure their vital interests, and stimulate staff vitality to create greater value by establishing a high performance-oriented incentive mechanism, thereby achieving a win-win situation for the Company and the individual.


We are committed to have an effective communication with staffs and maintain transparency by providing timely and accurate information.


"Growth with staffs" is one of the views of social responsibility of Sino-Ocean Group. The long-term plan is to protect the lawful rights and interests of staffs, comply with relevant laws, provide fair and competitive remuneration and benefits, and open up a democratic management channel. We focus on the staff health, and create a safe and healthy working environment for them. We also offer good career planning for staffs to help them to continue to grow and care for them in an all-round way.


Sino-Ocean Group has clearly defined the "Big Environmental Protection" as an investment strategy of key equity investment fields since 2015. A number of investees in the "Big Environmental Protection" sector have actively exerted their respective expertise and continued to contribute ecological and health value to society.

Sino-Ocean Group will continue to focus on the national laws and regulations and strictly abide by relevant laws. We improve internal management policies and specify the division of responsibilities and work processes for internal environmental management. In addition, we proactively assume the environmental responsibility of corporate citizens, actively introduce a sustainable operating model and continuously improved the environmental management and supervision mechanism to advocate a green culture, promote green office and build green communities, so as to reduce the negative impact of business development on the environment. We also integrate the concept of green environmental protection into business planning and daily operations, the following environmental management strategies will be continued for the purpose of the medium term, including:


We make full use of professional expertise to promote healthy green buildings and sustainable urban spaces, and bring together various resources to jointly address environmental issues such as global climate change. We also proactively promote the development and application of green buildings and building systems to reduce the environmental impact during the whole process of the projects development, and protect the surrounding ecological environment.


We implement the concept of sustainable operation management, and actively introduce intelligent and information tools to strengthen the energy consumption management of buildings and facilities, with a view to enhance the use efficiency of resource, and create a green business and living environment.


We insist on practicing and continuously promoting paperless office, proactively implement energy saving and consumption reduction measures, and promote waste collection and treatment by classification to maximize the recycling of waste.


We carry out diversified environmental protection promotion and education activities on a regular basis, actively share the environmental protection concepts to staffs, owners, customers and other stakeholders, and accumulate environmental protection knowledge to create green office and community culture.


The brand philosophy of Sino-Ocean Group is "Building • Health". "Building" is a noun that refers to a specific building, and also a verb with the meaning of "construction". The original meaning of "Building • Health" is to build a complete healthy living system for the people through our efforts. Sino-Ocean Group is committed to maintaining the existing environmental management policies while intensifying its efforts to review the impact of climate change and scarcity of water on property projects, and take into account of adding elements to adapt to climate change in designing and planning new projects. We plan to incorporate green sustainability into the long-term plan of Sino-Ocean Group, establish green building construction objectives and carbon reduction targets to effectively protect the environment from all stages of building design, construction, operation and management. We undertake to contribute to the Article 13 "Climate Initiative" of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) through business improvement, and implement effective and feasible climate change solutions.


The management of Sino-Ocean Group is committed to achieving and maintaining a high standard of corporate governance, and believes that this is a key factor in ensuring our integrity business environment and maintaining investors' confidence in the Company.

Sino-Ocean Group is committed to building a corporate culture of compliance with laws and integrity, and gradually establishing and improving the Group's internal policies in the aspects of anti-corruption, anti-competitiveness, intellectual property protection and the responsibility performance of the supply chain, and take various measures to promote the implementation of relevant policies, including means such as the signing of agreements, regular training and performance evaluation, so as to achieve full coverage of departments, sub-centers and projects, strengthen the integrity awareness and professional ethics of all employees, and create a fair and honest working environment. We aim to ensure that there is no case of corruption or intellectual property infringement occurred in the Group, and also require our suppliers and contractors involve no wage arrears, major work injury accidents, major environmental accidents.


Sino-Ocean Group will continue to uphold the philosophy of "working with stakeholders to jointly promote the sustainability of people, buildings and environment", and make progress together with each stakeholder on the premise of ensuring legal compliance, honesty and trustworthiness and fair operation. Sino-Ocean Group will continue to amend and implement the systems related to integrity construction, enhance internal risk control measures and enforcement, strengthen integrity promotion and education for staffs, build an integrity and transparent supply chain, and against all forms of unfair competition, with a view to become a responsible sustainable enterprise.


In the medium-term, we will protect consumer rights and improve customer service standard from the following aspects:

1、Strengthening the management of sales conduct to ensure that the information on products and services accepted by consumers is true and effective, and providing them with sustainable consumption education about products and services to help them making rational and sustainable decisions.

2、Adhering to sustainable consumption patterns to provide consumers with healthy products and services.

3、Continuously improving the customer service system and establishing a complete customer complaint process and follow-up processing mechanism to better understand customer needs and enhance customer satisfaction.

4、Improving consumer privacy protection mechanism to effectively control the use of consumer information within the Company.


We have explored to realize the harmony and health of people, buildings and environment for a long time. Sino-Ocean will lead and demonstrate the role of health in the future property and construction industry in a more effective way, and create "an era of healthy living" that can bring value to users. We build a health system suitable for the Chinese people, taking into account the physical health and mental health, comprehensively considering China's climate, natural environment, culture and other factors to put forward a health system suitable for the public life. We focus on people's activity experience and living comfort to meet the spiritual needs of the owners, and strive to create a living environment "giving consideration to both physical and mental" for the owners. Sino-Ocean continues to take "Building • Health" as our development strategy and product DNA, and continues to practice it to provide users with a healthier living environment.

For consumers, we are committed to becoming an "expert for customer" to provide customers with high-quality products and services. We embedded customer needs into product development. We adopt various forms of communication channels to ensure smooth communications among customers, establish the "Ocean Club" platform to provide customers with a better life experience, and focus on the survey results of customer satisfaction to continuously improve products and services.


In the medium-term, we will expand community engagement from the following aspects to boost the community development and share development results with the community:

1、Ensuring smooth community communication channels and frequency of community communication, expanding the scale of community communication, and building good community relationships to understand the needs of the community and provide more targeted support.

2、Respecting community culture and human rights to promote the construction of a diverse community culture.

3、Helping the disadvantaged groups and promoting the equal distribution of economic benefits among community members to enhance the efficiency of resource investment and increase the standard of community development.

4、Retaining public health through promoting healthy and sustainable lifestyles to the community.


The Group advocates the harmonious coexistence of enterprise development and surrounding communities and makes full use of local talents. We pay attention to the survival and education of children in remote areas, promote employees to participate in charity, and guide college students and the public to participate in charitable activities. We also establish emergency mechanisms to respond to various disaster relief operations, and support employees to devote themselves to volunteer activities and give back to the society.

Sino-Ocean Group has been paying attention to and supporting the development of the communities in which it operates and the more area, with Sino-Ocean Charity Foundation ("Sino-Ocean Charity") as the lead and platform, and relying on the organizer of specific project to collaborate with each stakeholder to jointly contribute to the respective sustainability objectives of the community from three major social impact perspectives.