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Advocated by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Sino-Ocean Group actively develop sustainable cities and communities. By promoting urban revitalization, building smart cities, supporting rural revitalization, and developing community culture and art, we revitalize infinite social vitality and promote healthy social development.

In supporting sustainable city construction, Sino-Ocean Group is not only committed to creating harmonious and livable, diverse and inclusive communities with cultural characteristics and innovative vitality, so as to promote the co-prosperity and symbiosis of the community and the city. At the same time, focus on improving community living and commercial atmosphere, building affordable housing, supporting local community businesses and small, medium and micro enterprises, and reducing the burden on the grassroots.


Sino-Ocean Group actively arranges for the field of urban revitalization, follows the logic and law of the development of urban organic bodies, promotes the renewal and development of the city step by step, promotes the organic growth of people, buliding and city, realizes the healthy development of the whole environment, and infuses more vitality into the city.


Sino-Ocean seized the opportunity of development with the benefit of its extensive experience and aimed at the healthy development of big data industry. In recent years, Sino-Ocean has been deeply engaged in big data industrial park construction. Through industrial investment, park development, data center operation and other means, it continues to further the IDC industry field layout and create a comprehensive IDC network nationwide.


Focusing on the country's "Rural Revitalization Strategy" and the Company's "Industrial and Principal Business Coordination Strategy", Sino-Ocean Group supports rural revitalization through exploring multi-industry integrated development models such as "agriculture +education", "agriculture + tourism" and "agriculture + culture"; conducts rural poverty alleviation and empowerment, and donates the construction of poverty alleviation tourism demonstration sites.


Sino-Ocean Group has been actively exploring the creative development of urban space and urban center, and has been constantly studying the possibility of urban public space construction, carried out extensive explorations and much work in the whole country. In the future, the Group will also step up the organic integration of culture and art and architectural space, urban space, continue to enhance architectural style, promote the construction of the landmark buildings of the city.

Sino-Ocean Charity Foundation

RMB 530million+

social public welfare





Sino-Ocean Group takes the Sino-Ocean Charity Foundation as its main platform to undertake its social responsibilities. The Sino-Ocean Charity Foundation was established in August 2008 by Sino-Ocean Group in the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. The Foundation advocates "Turning Love into Action", focusing on educational support and environmental protection. At the same time, it has also tapped into public welfare undertakings in the fields of caring for the elderly and charity assistance, fulfilling social responsibilities and enhancing the self-value of volunteers.
By the end of 2021, Sino-Ocean Group donated about RMB530 million to support social public welfare, benefiting more than 520,000 people in more than 150 cities.

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Sino-Ocean Youth Volunteer League (or "Youth League")

Sino-Ocean Charity Foundation establishs the Sino-Ocean Youth Volunteer League (or "Youth League"). In the Foundation's organization system, the Volunteer Work Department was established and is responsible for the overall organization of volunteer activities, encouraging cities to set up city volunteer teams according to their business needs and conducting volunteer activities.

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