Respect the rights and interests of employees, encourage diversification of talents, create an open and equal working environment, continuously improve the company's employee management and service capabilities, and enhance employee satisfaction.


The Company provides employees with a diversified and flexible welfare system, covering comprehensive protections such as health care and risk resistance, and provides compensation and incentive plans for different business segments that are in line with the industry characteristics and business development stages, and encourages employees to grow together with the company.


Plan a clear development path, set up various talent training projects and rich learning activities, and continue to help the rapid and comprehensive development of talents.


The Company fully respects and protects human rights, and continues to carry out employee condolences and diversified employee activities to provide employees with energetic, enthusiastic and warm care.


The Company provides safety guarantees for all business units, employees, customers, suppliers, partners and other related parties. At the same time, it promotes health and work-life balance, and improves the physical and mental health of employees.


- To provide a safe and healthy workplace environment, the headquarters of Sino-Ocean Group was certified for WELL Platinum, the largest in Asia;
- In 2021, the Group conducted 1,639 courses of training throughout the entire year, with a total of 412,156 hours;
- Employee satisfaction 4.8 points (out of 5 points); employee engagement 90 points (out of 100 points);
- We pay attention to the physical health of employees. In 2021, the coverage rate of physical examination reached 100%;
- Since the establishment of the company, we have celebrated our birthdays with our employees for 28 consecutive years.

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